diamond engagement rings

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Diamond engagement rings

When it comes to picking the right diamond engagement ring there is a lot of pressure put on someone simply because this is a piece of jewelry that their partner will enjoy for the rest of their lives. Getting something that isn’t within their tastes could spell disaster or send the wrong message. Here are some tips that you can use so that you can buy the right diamond engagement ring.

1. Start saving early: by traditional standards someone usually spends anywhere from 2 to 3 months worth of their salary on a ring. If you know that you want to propose it’s important that you start saving early. If you are able to save up at least 4 to 6 weeks worth of your paycheck you can start to shop around for rings and potentially even put down a deposit on a ring. There are many people who are going outside of traditional boundaries these days and selecting less expensive options. Know your partner and understand if they will be offended if you don’t they didn’t cost you at least a few months worth of your salary.

2. Try not to guess the size of your partner’s finger: if you can borrow one of your partners rings without them suspecting and take it to a professional jeweler to get the ring sized this can save time later and make sure that the ring fits immediately. Fitting one of their rings firmly on one of your smaller fingers as well can be another way that you can correctly size the ring.

3. Try to get helpful hints: if you can find a trusted friend or family member of your partner’s to see if you can find any helpful hints about the type of jewelry that she might like you can take this into consideration when selecting a ring. Knowing some options when it comes to cut, the type of metal or the type of jeweler that she might enjoy for diamond engagement ring will help you to get something they will really enjoy.

4. Purchase something you like as well: many couples these days are buying wedding bands and matching engagement rings. Picking a diamond engagement ring in a style that you like as well to make sure that another ring might be able to be adapted for your wedding day or for a matching engagement ring for yourself.

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diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

A diamond engagement ring could be potentially one of the most important purchases that you make in your entire life. Making sure that you make the right decision is imperative and narrowing down a diamond engagement ring that your partner will enjoy is always a tough choice. Diamond engagement rings are generally jewelry that we keep with us for an entire lifetime so it’s very important that you take something that’s perfect and fitting for your partner. While selecting a diamond engagement ring is exciting there are some rules to follow that can help you narrow down your search.

Understand the terms when you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring:

consider things like the band size, the type of gold that’s used, the setting of the stone, the weight of the stone, the color of the stone, the clarity as well as the total cost of the stone. When purchasing a diamond engagement ring there would be nothing worse than buying a diamond which is actually a lab creation or cubic zirconia. In many cases these stones are almost in detectable when put up next to a real diamond, but understanding if you are ring is a cubic to call you or diamond is important to fully determining its value. For a diamond engagement ring there is no substitute that a real natural stone.

2. You need to find a quality jeweler: if you’re looking at two similar rings from two different jewelers it’s very important that you look and the construction quality of the ring as well as some of the extra perks that are jeweler might give you. Some jewelers guarantee their work as well as provide ongoing cleaning, resizing, and replaying services. Dealing with a high quality jeweler will allow you to get a high quality diamond engagement ring that you can keep for a lifetime without incident. Diamond engagement ring jewelers who are able to provide extras will also ensure that any issues that might arise won’t cost you any extra money.

3. Consider your partner’s tastes and your budget: most traditional diamond engagement rings involve one partner spending at least two months of their salary on a ring. If you are a traditional type of person it’s very important that you keep this number in mind as you are searching for jewelry. Considering your partner’s taste is also important so that you can end up with a final product that they really enjoy.

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blue and white diamond rings

Blue-and-white diamond rings

Blue-and-white diamond rings could be a popular combination for any type of engagement ring, or jewelry that you are interested in buying for a partner, friend or family member. Blue-and-white diamond rings are an elegant gift and a very highly valued gift that you can give to someone special. Understanding all of the information concerning diamonds is very important before you even start to browse for blue-and-white diamond rings.

Blue-and-white diamond ring

stand out radically when it comes to rings because many older style diamond rings are created using any type of color touches or treatments. As such these bluer diamond stones can offer real contrast and create something absolutely beautiful.

Color diamonds like these ones are created using intense pressure and heat and the natural color blue diamonds are created over millions of years. These natural blue diamonds are extremely rare and as such very expensive to use as stones. If you are going to a jeweler who offers natural blue stones expect to pay a premium price. The blue colors are a direct result of the millions of years worth of pressure as well as certain impurities or reactions that have taken place within the diamond. When diamonds are affected by certain types of radiation this can change their color and in some cases give them a green hue or a blue hue. When the diamond structure is compacted even further it can start to take on new colors such as purple, red and others. For the most part diamonds are treated to give them the colors that we see in many blue-and-white diamond rings. The colors in blue-and-white diamond rings can also change over time depending on the way the treatment was carried out. A fainter color is less rare and less expensive but stronger colors can be more rare and more expensive because their color may start to fade over time. Deeper blue diamonds will always be stones that you need to pay a little more money for.

Having options like secondary hues to go in a blue and white diamond ring can also allow you to get several different colors of blue all in one ring. This can lead to a great fading effect and allow you even more color customization options if you are interested in playing around with color combinations. Overall blue-and-white diamond rings are a very special gift and take a real thought and care to select.

blue diamond wedding rings

Blue diamond wedding rings

there are some ongoing trends for this year especially when it comes to wedding rings. If you are looking to capture a modern style and get a wedding ring that truly reflects the generation that you were married in, it important to follow some of these style guides. Some of these popular trends might also give you some ideas when it comes to picking the perfect wedding ring for you. Certain options like blue diamond wedding rings may not have been very popular several years ago but according to some of the style changes blue diamond wedding rings and other options have become very much the norm.

Here are some more ideas regarding stone shapes, settings and colors so that you can get blue diamond wedding rings and other products which are very much in style for your wedding:

1. Large cushion shaped halo stone surrounded by smaller stones: this type of setting has become one of the most popular wedding rings available. For blue diamond wedding rings you could consider using a large Bluestone and surrounding it with clear or white diamonds to create a beautiful contrast effect. The large cushion shaped halo stone is an amazing focal point they can be used to really draw the eye in and this works perfect with a colored stone to begin with.

2.Using several different colors: many new wedding rings use several different colors in their construction. Blue diamond wedding rings are somewhat of an anomaly especially when it comes to selecting natural stones. Just one in every 10,000 diamonds might have a different color to them or anomaly and in many cases these colored stones are called fancy diamonds. These natural stones are not only extremely rare but they are also very valuable and expensive to purchase. Using several different colors in a wedding ring can give you a beautiful effect but if you are intent on using real natural diamonds that have not had any type of treatment this can get very pricey.

3. Going back to basics: picking a vintage Hollywood wedding ring or modeling one of your grandparents wedding rings has become a very popular tradition amongst many in the wedding planning stages. If there is a ring that you like there’s no reason why you can’t utilize it in your own design. Consider buying a blue diamond wedding ring with a vintage style for something very special.

blue diamond rings for sale

Blue diamond rings for sale

Blue diamond rings have become extremely popular in later years simply with the demand for colored diamonds. When looking at blue diamond rings for sale it’s very important that you go into purchasing blue diamond rings with real knowledge of the product. In this article we will explore some of the various facts that you should know before looking into blue diamond rings for sale. Blue diamond rings are extremely desirable fashion items and can be incredibly rare and valuable. Blue is amongst one of the rarest colors that you will find in diamonds and they are very unique pieces meaning that they can be extremely valuable.

The rarity:

Blue diamonds

are extremely rare and there are various colors of blue that you can find within diamond types. The rarest of colors include red, pink and violet. Yellow and champagne colors are amongst the most common of the colored diamonds. Larger blue diamonds are even more difficult to come by and are valued at extremely expensive prices.

Blue diamonds are made similarly to all other colored diamonds. Natural blue diamonds are extremely rare and for the most part diamonds are usually processed, cut and polished to give them their blue effect. Normally impurities within the diamond such as nitrogen and boron can cause this color. Some diamonds are treated and manufactured by treating them specifically with these impurities to produce different blue colors. These manufactured diamonds are still very valuable but it is the natural blue diamonds which command the highest prices due to their rarity.

Working blue diamonds be found?

Blue diamond rings for sale which are made of natural blue diamonds can only come from a few different Mayans spread across the world. There is a blue diamond mine in South Africa as well as one in Australia, blue diamonds were once minded India but the supply of blue diamonds in this region seems to be exhausted.

Blue diamond rings for sale

can feature many different cuts and styles and blues can definitely vary in a variety of different colors including a grayish blue, violet blue color, greenish blue and deep blues. Changing the color of these genuine diamonds is a careful balance between chemicals and he used to allow them to achieve their final finish. It takes careful practice and experience to create blue diamond rings for sale in the exact color and style that individual buyers want.

black diamond rings


Black diamond rings

are becoming extremely popular fashion items especially so for rings. A large black stone can be a great neutral piece of jewelry that can be worn with just about any combination of fashion accessories.

Black diamond rings

are formed using crystallized carbon just the same way that regular diamonds are formed but the dark color usually happens due to extremely high temperatures or potential exposure to radiation. A completely natural Black diamond can be very expensive to buy because they are extremely rare. Most of the black diamonds that you will find a black diamond rings are treated specifically to give them their colorization. They started their lives as regular diamonds, were cut and polished and then treated to eventually turn a uniform black color. People have been treating diamonds and creating black diamonds for centuries but it has taken some time for black diamonds to find their way back into the spotlight. Many other gemstones are also treated using similar processes such as tanzanite.

Current manufacturing standards work to achieve a completely uniform black color in all black diamonds. This really is completely normal in the jewelry industry and your average jewelry store certainly won’t have any natural Black diamonds available due to their rarity and expense.

 black diamond rings

When selecting it’s always important to look at some of the features as well. Black diamonds are also evaluated based off of the same categories that you would look into with regular diamonds. Surfaces should be smoothed and the overall color, clarity, weight and cut are all assessed to provide the full value of the diamond.

When judging these diamonds by weight it’s important to consider that they will be a different size from regular white or clear diamonds simply because these diamonds are compacted with a greater density. This means that a one carat Black diamond will appear smaller than that of a regular one carat white diamond or clear diamond.

Remember that you don’t have to go with just Black diamond on a ring you can combine black diamond rings with white diamonds or any other color diamond to create beautiful pieces combining several colors together. Black diamond rings are extremely modern and by combining other colors and styles you can bring old world charm to a modern stone.

Remember to ask questions when you purchase Black diamond rings and is always look at something that you really enjoy and can enjoy for years to come.